A unique concept in entertainment and corporate functions.

The “LAST PARADISE” event combines the power of cinema with celebrity speaker to create a unique and entertaining event which  inspires people in life and business.

How it works.

The event has been described by attendees as a “life-changing” experience, leading them to explore their potential and purpose in work and play. It also inspires parents and kids to recreate outdoors, study science and become ambassadors for the wilderness, together with creating an exciting life plan.

The film and speaker

The multi-award-winning film LAST PARADISE was created over 45 years by innovator and physicist Clive Neeson and has completed a highly successful 60 cinema premiere tour of Australia launched by Tim Winton and large invitational screenings internationally.

The film was created with the Lord of the Rings team, plus generous contributions from classic music artists like Cat Stevens. It captures the pioneering spirit and most stunning wilderness of NZ and Australia on the big screen. But the real power is all between the lines of innovation and extreme adventure.

The show has been highly commended by professors in USA for conferences, education, corporations, interest groups and communities and cinema screenings and speaker events with Clive Neeson or any celebrity of your choice and can easily be arranged at any cinema internationally.

All info on the power and use of the events is below so please read that first.

If you wish to book an event in Perth see SCREENINGS at THE BACKLOT PERTH” also below.

If you wish to organise such an event in your own town, email us on info@lastparadisefilm.com

Two special versions of “LAST PARADISE” have been prepared with National Geographic (50 minute or 90 minute). Thirty minutes to 1 hour is recommended for the interactive speaker presentation on any subjects such as;

Example speaking Topics

  • Creating an exciting life at any age.
  • Making science “sexy”.
  • Promoting technology innovation science & math.
  • Global issues of the future.
  • Pushing your limits, team building and motivation.
  • Attaining true wealth and lifestyle.
  • Innovative thinking and goal setting.
  • Expanding your business and personal horizons.
  • Harnessing the pioneering spirit of West Australia.
  • Getting kids to play outdoors.
  • Urban planning “Where do the children play?”
  • Ethical business awareness.

Past examples of its use:

  • Global Energy conferences (USA).
  • Sustainable tourism conferences.
  • Eco-tourism & travel promotion.
  • Environmental conferences and climate change
  • Education and teacher training conferences. (outdoor ed, media studies, science, maths, technology innovation, geography.)
  • Corporate entertainment events and training.
  • Sports club functions (Surf Lifesaver, Olympic).
  • Wellness, Health organisations and retreats.
  • NGO fundraisers (Sea Shepherd, Surfrider, Surfaid International).


  • Personal growth, self esteem, life planning.
  • Improved business and staff motivation.
  • Responsible and respected company ethic.
  • Business growth for a better world.
  • A more healthy and informed company and country.

Using cinema for a better world.

If your organisation is concerned about the worsening issues of drug use, obesity, personal debt, urbanization, consumerism, wilderness destruction, middle-age disillusionment and a dire shortage of young people studying math and science, booking a LAST PARADISE event creates a fun and exciting way to help your community and business, through the power of cinema.

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presented by the film-maker and physicist Clive Neeson in person  The Backlot Perth is a state of the art cinema with self contained bar and lounge for a hassle-free corporate function, training or group entertainment. Food can also be provided.

perth1-backlot3Costs: (Capacity 50 people)

  • $600 for boutique film screening.
  • $2000 screening presented in person by, Clive Neeson with inspirational talk.

How to book:

A boutique event can be booked by contacting The Backlot Perth.

Watch film trailer:   www.lastparadisefilm.com

Check out the BACKLOT PERTH venue: video